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34 suspected paedophiles arrested across the Thames Valley

| July 16, 2014

Police Light - 2014-03-22

A national operation co-ordinated by the National Crime Agency (NCA) targeting suspected paedophiles has resulted in 34 arrests across the Thames Valley.

The six month operation, the first of its kind, focussed on those using the internet to access indecent images of children. More than 10 children have been safeguarded as a result of this operation.

Nationally the NCA has co-ordinated the operation with all 45 Forces in the UK leading to 660 arrests and the safeguarding of more than 400 children.

At this time the NCA and its partners are not revealing the methods they used to track down suspects so that they can use the same tactics again in the future.

Police are advising that anyone with concerns about a child or young person, or if you are a child or young person and someone has asked you to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable either on or off line, you can report through the CEOP safety centre at www.ceop.police.uk.

CEOP’s Thinkuknow programme provides information for children, young people, parents and carers about staying safe on line and preventing sexual abuse and exploitation. Parents and carers can visit www.thinkuknow.co.uk  for advice on keeping their children safe.

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