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Traffic lights at junction of Packhorse Road and Station Road in Gerrards Cross to be replaced with new junction design

| August 27, 2016

Traffic lights at the junction of Packhorse Road with Station Road and Ethorpe Close in Gerrards Cross are set to be replaced with a new junction design.

The new junction design has been submitted to Buckinghamshire County Council for approval and will see the lights replaced with a raised road surface and controlled pedestrian crossing. The work is being funded by the supermarket chain Tesco.

Once a safety audit has been done and traffic management arrangements approved work on the construction of the new junction is to be scheduled for the half-term holiday week in October 2016.

Mark Shaw, Cabinet Member for Transport at Buckinghamshire County Council, said the scheme was in response to residents’ requests and since a public consultation in December 2016, the County Council had been working with the parish council and Tesco to develop a suitable funded scheme.

I know how important this scheme is to residents, and I’m pleased we’re moving ahead towards installation,‘ he said. ‘It’s important to minimise inconvenience to residents and businesses, which is why we’ve chosen school holidays to do the work.

Mark said he had hoped the work could be done before the end of the summer holiday, however, outstanding safety checks and emergency water main repairs prevented it from going ahead.

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