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The One Can Trust launches ‘Lift The Lid’ campaign

| February 23, 2017

High Wycombe based charity ‘The One Can Trust’ is launching an innovative ‘Lift The Lid this Lent‘ campaign on the run up to Lent 2017.

The campaign is to raise funds to keep The One Can Trust food bank project secure and sustainable so they can be here for as long as they are needed to help.

On the run up to Lent people are being asked to take an empty tin can, put a coin in it every day, then when Easter comes donate the tin of money to The One Can Trust to help support their projects. £40 is enough to pay for 4 family size food parcels, covering the cost of getting the food to the families who need it, when they need it.

Once all the donations have been received a tower of cans will be built with one can for every person who has donated. The tower will be shared with those in power to raise awareness of the people in our towns and villages who don’t have enough to eat. The money raised will be used to send food parcels those in need.

The One Can Trust food bank exists to help those individuals and families who find themselves in a time of crisis by supplying emergency food parcels.

It is estimated that four million more people in the UK are living on inadequate incomes in modern Britain than 5 years ago. Millions of ‘just about managing’ families are on the tipping point of falling into poverty as wages continue to stagnate and prices rise in the shops.

Further information on The One Can Trust and their ‘Lift The Lid this Lent‘ campaign can be found on The One Can Trust website.

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