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Parliamentary Election Results 2017

| June 9, 2017

The results of the Parliamentary elections held on Thursday 8th June 2017 in the Aylesbury, Chesham & Amersham, Beaconsfield and High Wycombe constituencies have been announced.

Chesham & Amersham

Votes% Share% Change
ConservativeCheryl Gillan33,51460.7+1.6
LabourNina Dluzewska11,37420.6+7.9
Liberal DemocratPeter Jones7,17913.0+4.0
Green PartyAlan Booth1,6603.0-2.5
UKIPDavid Meacock1,5252.8-10.9


Votes% Share% Change
ConservativeDavid Lidington32,31355.0+4.3
LabourMark Bateman17,61730.0+14.8
Liberal DemocratSteven Lambert5,6609.6-1.0
UKIPVijay Srao1,2962.2-17.5
Green PartyCoral Simpson1,2372.1-1.7
IndependentKyle Michael6201.1+1.1


Votes% Share% Change
ConservativeDominic Grieve36,55965.3+2.0
LabourJames English12,01621.4+10.0
Liberal DemocratPeter Chapman4,4487.9+0.6
UKIPJon Conway1,6092.9-10.9
Green PartyRussell Secker1,3962.5-1.7


Votes% Share% Change
ConservativeSteve Baker26,76650.0-1.4
LabourRafiq Raja20,18837.7+15.2
Liberal DemocratSteve Guy4,1477.8-1.1
UKIPRichard Phoenix1,2102.3-7.8
Green PartyPeter Sims1,1822.2-3.8

 *(% Change – Compared to 2015)

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