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Go ahead given to Gomm Valley planning framework

| July 12, 2017

At a meeting this week Wycombe District Council’s Cabinet approved a framework to shape future planning applications at the Council’s Gomm Valley and Ashwells reserve site.

Following the approval in 2016 of the development brief for Abbey Barn South, the Gomm Valley and Ashwells reserve site is the second site to now have a development brief.

The development brief for Gomm Valley and Ashwells is the result of the Council’s planners working closely with local representatives and developers who came together to form a special local liaison group for Gomm Valley and Ashwells.

The liaison group has met over the last two years in meetings and workshops to set out the key planning parameters which will be used to shape the future of this site.

The resulting development brief is an important piece of work which clearly sets out the framework which, following Cabinet’s approval, will now be used to shape the future development at Gomm Valley and Ashwells.

The brief:

  • Sets out that around 500 homes will be built on part, but not all of the site.
  • The majority of the site will not be built on.
  • Existing farmland will be made publicly accessible and managed to encourage wildlife.
  • Includes a new combined single form primary and middle school.
  • Sets out how the land will be protected going forwards.
  • Enhanced bus service at the southern end of the valley.
  • Improved local road network.

There has been consultation with local residents and key stakeholders about the proposed development brief and changes have been made to incorporate these wherever possible. The council has published all these changes and has also explained why it has not been possible to make other suggested changes.

One key change has been around the proposed junction with Hammersley Lane and the possible routing of the number 27 bus service which runs through the Gomm Valley site.

In speaking at the meeting last night Cllr David Johncock thanked everyone who had played a part in shaping the development brief, adding: ‘The contribution of local residents and community groups has clearly shaped the resultant development brief‘. Acknowledging that it would never be possible to satisfy everyone, he added: ‘I can honestly say that we discussed all the significant issues thoroughly and we have made compromises wherever possible.

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