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Opinion : Where’s the summer fun in High Wycombe?

| July 26, 2018

The summer of 2018 is turning out to be a corker.

We haven’t seen such sunshine and warmth since the great heatwave of 1976.

Despite the current weather not once has the term ‘global warming’ been mentioned which surprises me because you would have thought the scaremongering environmentalists would be jumping up and down with glee at the though of their predictions of high temperatures, drought and disaster maybe coming true.

Personally my good self does not like the warm weather. Indeed yours truly decided to take some time off work, not to enjoy the warm weather but to avoid having to go outside in the sun and heat.

There I was, sitting at home, looking at the twoots appearing on Twitter when the twoot below appeared :


It seems that in Aylesbury this year there are special “Summer of Fun” events aimed to give the children of the town some entertainment during the school holiday. Isn’t that good?

These events are just the sort of thing that we need in Wycombe. Our High Street, or even Frogmoor, would be the ideal setting for a children’s show.

Indeed why not put on shows over the summer for the grown ups of the town too thus making some family events that can be enjoyed by all. Perhaps a poetry recital, music show or other kind of theatrical performance.

The highest level of entertainment in Wycombe town centre at the moment is watching a drunk staggering around the High Street going from shop to shop trying to buy another bottle of extra strength cider.

Not only is Aylesbury going to have street entertainment but on Thursday 30th August 2018 there will be a ‘Quacker Duck trail‘ taking place around Aylesbury town centre.

Maybe a trail could be organised for Wycombe too?

How about organising a competition where people go around Wycombe town centre to find as many drunks, beggars, prostitutes, drug dealers, illegally parked cars and other enforceable law infringements as possible and report them to the police?

At the end of the 24 hours the person with the most crime reference numbers gets a prize of £1,000. Not only could people have fun but our town would be cleaned up in the process….

Sadly your humble servant fears there will not be a ‘Summer of Fun’ in High Wycombe. Just the same old, same old that we have had for years.

What do you think?

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