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Opinion : Who is feeding the Frogmoor pigeons?

| August 20, 2018

The other day my good self paid a fleeting lunchtime visit to one of the most unpleasant parts of High Wycombe.

Yes, I took my life into my own hands and walked across Frogmoor.

There were some very dubious characters hanging about there at the time of my visit. No doubt there were, using modern street talk, a couple of ‘skengs‘ (large blades/knives) not too far away. Indeed yours truly didn’t stay in the area too long for fear of being ‘cheffed up with a rambo’ (cut up with a large knife) by a ‘skengman‘ (someone who turns to violence easily).

Nearing the furthest of end of Frogmoor a flock of low flying pigeons attacked, ‘bandits at twelve o’clock‘ I muttered to myself ducking down to avoid the incoming barrage.

Then the reason for there being so many pigeons so became clear. It seems that some fool had been putting food out on the pavement for them as shown in the picture above.

Large piles of what appeared to be corn and some bread had been left on the pavement and the pigeons were certainly enjoying the feast laid on for them.

Frogmoor is blighted with pigeons indeed the area has been plagued with the ‘air rats’ for years. The last thing we need is someone going around with food encouraging the birds to flock there.

It’s about time the powers that be got to grips with the problems caused by the town centre pigeons. For a start they could find out who is feeding the birds and get them to stop.

In the past yours truly has also seen food put out for the birds in the area surrounding the war memorial in the grounds of the Parish Church.

Maybe it would be best if the Frogmoor area was closed off in the name of public safety? It appears that many of the people who flock there are trouble makers and the animals that flock there too also cause a nuisance.

Wycombe has many problems and the town centre pigeons are one of the most long standing problems the town faces.

Sadly, as with many things in Wycombe, nothing effective seems to be done to tackle the issue.

What do you think?

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