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Opinion : No jab, no normal life?

| February 23, 2021


It seems that when lockdown ends the concept of a ‘Covid status certificate’ may become part of everyday life.

Apparently the ‘certificate’, in whatever form it may take, would allow people to prove they have been vaccinated and/or passed a recent Covid test so they can go into shops, restaurants and other public places.

Indeed it has even been reported in the national press that some employers are considering adopting a ‘No jab, no job’ policy by requiring workers to be vaccinated before they can work for them.

Over the years great advances have been made in the elimination of discrimination from society. Indeed in the modern world there are laws against discrimination on the basis of skin colour, age, gender, disability, sexuality, etc…. However my good self fears that a new form of discrimination is about to be thrust upon society, namely discrimination based on whether a person has been vaccinated against Covid.

Indeed my good self saw all this coming and wrote the following in a blog published back in April 2020 :

“My good self fears a social divide will open up with the Covids (Covid+) who have immunity and can go out into the world and the Non-Covids (Covid-) who are still living in fear from the isolation of their houses. The world could end up being like something from the plot of a science fiction movie of the 1950’s.”

Do we really want a situation where a vaccinated person can go to a restaurant however a non-vaccinated person is potentially turned away if they try to enter the same restaurant?

Consider a hypothetical situation where the vaccinated diners in the restaurant look out of the window while eating their meals to see the non-vaccinated people still gathered outside. The police are called and the non-vaccinated masses are arrested and handed fines for breaking social distancing rules, etc….

In my view the world is in danger of becoming a very dangerous place if civil liberties are curtailed for some simply because they have not had a jab.

Even if a ‘vaccine passport’ is introduced only for the purpose of international travel then yours truly fears there is a possibility that some employers will demand that all their employees present their personal international travel ‘vaccine passport’ before they can work for the employer.

If employers demand employees are vaccinated surely the same discriminatory culture will spread throughout society so only those who have been vaccinated can get access to other services such as life insurance, personal loans, mortgages, etc….

I also feel there is another concern from the introduction of a UK wide ‘Covid status certificate’.

If the ‘certificate’ took the form of a screen on an app on a mobile phone then my good self can foresee the situation where people have to show the ‘status certificate’ on their phone and then ‘scan in’ to restaurants, shops and other public places using their phone with a permanent record kept of their movements by the powers that be and security services.

My good self has concerns that, if things go in the wrong direction, we could end up with a surveillance society that even the Stasi could not have dreamt of.

In my opinion there should by no vaccine certificates, vaccine passports or anything of the like indeed I feel the Government should legislate to add Covid discrimination to the other pieces of equality legislation so we can all live normally without fear of discrimination.

What do you think?

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