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Survey launched on a new vision for Buckinghamshire libraries

| November 19, 2022

Buckinghamshire Council is developing a new vision for its libraries and is asking people for their views.

Buckinghamshire’s 29 libraries play a vital role as local community hubs providing diverse services, including book lending, reading groups, information on local services, digital access and support as well as activities and events to support skills and learning, health and wellbeing and culture. People of all ages can enjoy all of this and more within a safe, welcoming environment.

Over a million items are borrowed from libraries across the county every year, with more than half of these being digital downloads and in 2021/22 there were 652,000 in person library visits.

The Council is seeking views from residents, businesses, partners and employees to shape the future development of library services, to best meet the needs of local communities into the future.

The Council has launched a survey for people to share their feedback on priorities for Buckinghamshire libraries and is keen to hear from everyone, not just current library users.

The survey is open until Sunday 15th January 2023 and can be completed on the Buckinghamshire Council website at www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/libraries-your-views.

Printed copies of the survey will also be available in libraries.

The survey will run for eight weeks and this is one of the ways that people can have their say. The council will also be organising focus groups and visiting schools to encourage all Buckinghamshire communities to get involved.

Clive Harriss, Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure at Buckinghamshire Council, said: ‘Libraries are treasured community assets and we know that they play a vital role in so many different ways. Our library services have modernised and changed greatly over the years, and we are keen that our libraries in Buckinghamshire continue to evolve in a way that our communities want them to.

We are equally keen to hear from people who are not currently library members or those who are members but rarely use their library. We want to find out why that is? What would you like your library to offer that it currently doesn’t? What would make you want to use it?

Survey responses will help to refine the draft library strategy before it is presented to Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet in Spring 2023.

*Source of article : Press release from Buckinghamshire Council.

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