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Top awards for Buckinghamshire Scouts

| June 8, 2024

Nearly 200 children and young people from across Buckinghamshire recently celebrated receiving the top award for their section at the PACCAR camp site in Chalfont St. Peter.

To achieve the award the young people would have had to gain all of the Challenge badges and also some activity badges. The Challenge badges include Adventure, Outdoors, Teamwork, World and Personal. The activity badges range from Air Activities to Camp Craft, DIY to Hikes Away and Martial Arts to Water Activities. Following receiving their certificate and having some refreshments, the children were off to do a series of activities including abseiling, caving, climbing  and go-karts.

When asked what he liked about being in Cubs, (boys and girls aged 8 to 10) Dhilan said: ‘I like the activities such as abseiling, camping and kayaking. My favourite badge was swimming and I’m very proud that I have received the top award for my section.‘ When asked to describe Cubs in three words, he said: ‘Fun, exciting and challenging.‘ Dhilan’s mother said: ‘He has learnt new skills, made new friends, learnt about the environment, learnt to be a member of a team. Scouts provide so many opportunities for children, young people and adults and Dhilan has benefitted from being involved.

Volunteer, Ian Stanley said: ‘Volunteering has helped my self-confidence and it’s opened opportunities at work as I’ve been able to highlight some core skills such as leadership and teamwork. I get an enormous amount of pride being a volunteer. When you see a child develop and they are getting to the top of the climbing wall or leading on an activity, you feel very pleased that you’ve been able to help that child.

High Sheriff, Kurshida Mirza, BEM, said: ‘Congratulations to every one of the recipients, you have learned new skills earned badges and had lots of fun. The volunteers help children and young people develop, grow and learn skills for life. They have a positive impact on the children and make a positive difference to their lives.’

All of the sections are open to boys and girls. The sections are Squirrels (ages 4 and 5), Beavers (ages 6 to 8), Cubs (ages 8 to 10), Scouts (ages 10 to 14) and Explorers (ages 14 to 17). Volunteers are aged 18+.

Further information about Scouts can be found on the Scouts website at scouts.org.uk/join.

*Source of article : Press release from Buckinghamshire Scouts.

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