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Opinion : Can we get anything right in this town?

| July 26, 2014


It was hot travelling home on Friday evening, in fact it’s been hot all week. Will the weather ever cool down?

At least there is some sporting action to watch on television this weekend thanks to the Commonwealth Games being held in Scotland. Not having a TV myself I may well be visiting my neighbour this weekend to catch up on some of the sporting action.

The other day yours truly happened to be passing by Handy Cross, that’s Handy Cross the building site and not Handy Cross the sports centre….

The running track has gone, never to return and the magnificent 1970’s swimming pool is standing all forlorn like a wheelie bin waiting for the dustcart.

Just when people are likely to be interested in sport thanks to the Commonwealth Games all that Wycombe can offer is a building site.

The Olympics came and went now the Commonwealth Games will come and go too yet the new sports facilities will not be ready to catch the rebound of public interest in athletics.

How lucky we were to have two major world level athletics events in the UK within two years but sadly Wycombe wasted the opportunity.

Once again Wycombe has got it wrong and missed the boat. Can we get anything right in this town?

In fact it’s so predictable that things will go wrong in this town that if Wycombe hosted the world tiddlywinks championships the powers that be would be tiddling when they should be winking….

I think it’s a shame that our unified sports facilities are being swept away so a coach park and supermarket can be built on the site. Why on earth the running track is moving elsewhere I shall never know.

We were lucky to have the sports centre at Handy Cross however stuck up on top of the Marlow Hill being covered in a cloud of fumes from the passing traffic on the M40 is not really the best or most healthy of locations.

If any changes were to have been made then I feel it would have been an improvement to move the whole she-bang to the Hughenden Valley, perhaps where the old printers used to be next to the park. Sadly that land is being developed for housing.

In recent years our town has become a planing disaster. All the good work that was done by the masterful and visionary planners of the 1960’s and 70’s is slowly being undone which I feel is a real shame.

What do you think?

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