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Opinion : Will they frack under your house?

| July 29, 2014


Arriving home this evening it was nice to open the front door, walk into my drawing room and flop down in a comfy arm chair.

They say an Englishman’s home is his castle indeed my ancestral home is a place that one feels very safe, secure and comfortable in.

You can therefore imagine how upset your humble servant was to read an article on a national news site entitled ‘Ministers pave way for fracking in the suburbs‘.

It seems there is always something new coming along to affect society and ruin our lives. Following hot on the heels of Genetically Modified crops, cloned animals and waves from mobile phone masts I fear the latest threat to our society is that of fracking.

In my opinion fracking is the daftest thing invented indeed isn’t it dangerous to allow companies to start doing things deep under the very ground we stand on?

They say it will unlock lots of energy. If energy is what we are after then why did they demolish Didcot power station last weekend? Didcot generated vast amounts of power yet it did not affect the ground we stand on and it was a reliable source of energy for many people over many years.

Private companies are only interested in profit and there is always the temptation to cut corners in the search for that little extra bit of money.

What right have the powers that be to allow companies to do ground altering things deep under our houses? What goes on under my ancestral home is nothing to do with them.

The Government is elected by the people and it should be taking into account the wishes of the populous rather than lining up big profits for companies who disappear into the distance once the potential damage is done.

Short term gain is no good if there is long term damage. Just look at the changing attitudes to smoking in the 20th Century. Go back forty years and asbestos was still widely used in insulation of buildings but now the dangers of the substance are well known.

History tells us that things which seem acceptable can soon turn out to be dangerous. Fracking has not been around long enough to know fully the implications that come with it.

Once the ground has been affected there is nothing that can be done to put it back again. I fear it’s madness to be dicing in such uncharted activities.

What do you think?

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