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Opinion : Why can’t I vote on Scottish independence?

| September 12, 2014


Thursday 18th September 2014 may be a historic date for the United Kingdom. It’s the date of the Scottish Referendum on independence.

A vote for ‘Yes’ will break up the United Kingdom while a vote for ‘No’ will keep things ticking along nicely as they have done since 1707.

With the opinion polls currently unable to predict a clear winner the result of the vote and the very future of the United Kingdom hangs in the balance.

If Scotland does vote ‘Yes’ there will be profound consequences for us all.

I can understand the need for the Scots to vote after all they are the ones who want to leave the Union however a Union is not just made up of one party.

With potential ramifications for the rest of us in England, Wales and Northern Ireland my good self is left wondering why the rest of the residents in the UK aren’t being asked to vote too. After all the Scots may want to heave the Union but surely they need our permission to leave first?

In the past three weeks the pound has slipped 6cents against the dollar and other exchange rates have gone against the pound too. All thanks to the uncertainty as to the outcome of the referendum on the 18th September.

This referendum is literally affecting businesses and individuals who exchange foreign currency indeed even my good self has been stung as a result of markets swinging against sterling.

So what will happen if the Scots do become a separate country?

Will there be passport checks on trains going across the border?

Will the Saint Andrew’s Cross (or the Saltire) be taken away from the Union Jack leaving us with a new style of flag?

Will Scotland give up the pound and take on a new currency?

What about all the people born in Scotland who are currently resident in England? Will they need to get a visa in order to visit or stay here after all Scotland will no longer part of the UK and the last thing we need is the country flooded with illegal immigrants from north of the border.

It seems there is more at stake here than one country becoming independent, indeed it seems our lives here in High Wycombe may well be affected too in one form or another.

The question is what can we do? Well, as nobody is even asking our opinions on the matter it seems we are being ignored in a matter that affects us a great deal.

If the vote if ‘Yes’ then rest assured your humble servant will be taking my own form of action. You won’t find me eating porridge any more, I’ll buy petrol from a filling station that isn’t selling petrol made from North Sea oil, no more Highland shortbread fingers will ever be put in my shopping basket and if a Scottish person ever asks me for directions I may well send them off on the wrong road.

Let’s hope things work out in just under a weeks time when the votes are counted. The outcome of this vote affects us too yet we have no say in the matter….

What do you think?

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