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FILM REVIEW: Annabelle (15)

| October 13, 2014

Released : 10th October 2014
Rated : 15
Running Time: 99 mins
BBFCinsight: Strong horror, bloody violence
Director: John R. Leonetti
Stars: Annabelle Wallis, Ward Horton, Alfre Woodard, Eric Ladin, Brian Howe, Tony Amendola

Produced by Peter Safran and the renowned James Wan, Annabelle is a horror film which tells the story of the doll featured at the start of the hugely popular film The Conjuring (2013) and starts with the same opening sequence.

Set in 1969, John (Ward Horton) and Mia Gordon (Annabelle Wallis) are living together happily married and expecting tier first child. As a present John brings Mia a seemingly innocent looking doll which she adds to her collection.

Not long after the couple next door, the Higgins, are brutally murdered by their own daughter (named Annabelle) and her boyfriend as the initiation to join a demonic cult. Covered with blood the killer runs into John and Mia’s home followed by his girlfriend and he stabs the pregnant Mia with a knife, his girlfriend, Annabelle, commits suicide holding the doll that John bought for Mia.

Strange occurrences start happening which drive Mia to the point of despair. Eventually they throw the Annabelle doll away and move from the area but while unpacking in their new home the Annabelle doll is found in the last box to be unpacked. The doll has become possessed by demons and they want a human soul.

I found this film to be very scary, very intense and very enjoyable. A definite must-see film worthy of a Halloween epic however I feel it was released a week or so too early as I doubt it will obtain the same cult following as The Conjuring and it’s unlikely to still be running on many screens when Halloween actually arrives which is a real shame.

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