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Opinion : More treat, less trick this Halloween

| October 28, 2014


In just a few days time, on Friday in fact, it will be Halloween.

Once again decent, respectable, law-abiding home owners, like my good self, will retire into their homes after dark and hope there isn’t a knock on the door.

Imported from the United States ‘trick or treating’ has to be one of the most repulsive festivals in the year. Only the most twisted would encourage children to go around playing ‘tricks’ on unsuspecting residents if their demand for a ‘treat’ is not met.

What happened to the traditional Halloween celebrations that the children of the land once enjoyed? Innocent and fun activities are far better than going around playing ‘tricks’.

As in previous years I for one will be taking action to prevent young rascals from pestering me on Friday evening.

Here are a few of my tips to ensure a happy Halloween :

  • Leave a security light on to deter undesirables from visiting and to aid identification should someone knock on the door.
  • If possible don’t engage with unexpected visitors. It’s better to pretend to be out than end up embroiled in heated debate with an angry child.
  • If you must answer the door then if possible open an upstairs window to find out who is at the door. It is unlikely that you will come to much harm by opening an upstairs window as you are out of reach of missiles and other nasties that could be thrown at you. Before opening the window put the light in the room out and place a torch in front of your face, facing outwards, the brightness of the torch will prevent nuisance callers from identifying you.
  • Keep a camera handy to take pictures for evidence should anyone cause criminal damage to your property.
  • Seal your letterbox to avoid anything nasty being pushed through.
  • If a guest is expected on Friday evening then ask them to telephone when they are at your house so you know the knock on the door will be from a friendly source.
  • Park cars in your garage so children can not damage them.
  • Avoid putting rubbish in your bins. If the bins are empty the children can’t tip the rubbish out.
  • If eggs are thrown at your house clean the mess off quickly, getting egg off brickwork once it’s dried is a nightmare.
  • Don’t feel intimidated. If things get out of hand call the Police.

The real tragedy of Halloween are when children play ‘tricks’ on elderly member of the community who can’t get to the door in time. The children of today seem to think that even the most infirm can answer the door in just a few seconds.

Why not offer to sit with an elderly member of the community on Halloween evening and deal with unwanted callers on their behalf? I remember one year my good self did just that, I even told the local children that my good self would be there sitting with the elderly person and they they should not bother to call at all.

The strange things was when yours truly came to leave their house the bins had been turned out, flour had been thrown over the front door and a toilet roll had been thrown into their tree but all evening we never heard a single thing.

Anyway, I hope you have a peaceful and enjoyable Halloween. It really shouldn’t be like this every year though on the 31st Occtober….

What do you think?

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