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Opinion : Putting the wasted gardens of Wycombe to good use

| March 14, 2015


Well, another Friday has arrived and the weather is fair.

Arriving home in the evening there was still time to do a little in my garden before dusk fell and one had to retire into the sanctuary of my home.

Having a garden is so nice, not only does it provide relaxation for my good self but it also gives food that saves me buying from the supermarkets.

For some a garden is a burden. Cutting the lawn is too much hard work, picking the apples is not a cool thing to do and flowers are just too difficult to grow.

Just look at how many people let their back gardens go to waste. Even worse just look how many people have paved over their front lawns to provide parking for their cars.

There are lots of people in Wycombe wanting to have an allotment yet so many people let their back gardens become untidy.

Wouldn’t it be great if rather than wait forever for an allotment to become vacant if those wishing to grow things could instead do their cultivation in one of the unwanted back gardens of the town?

I’m sure it would be simple for someone to create a register of home owners with gardens to spare and put them in touch with budding gardeners just looking for someone to grow their vegetables.

Not only would it allow people to grow food to save money but it would solve the problem of the untidy and unwanted back gardens which are left to become overgrown and blight the neighbourhoods of the town.

I’m surprised the environmental movement hasn’t thought of this idea? After all not only is it a very green idea but it’s a win-win for both parties involved.

Just think how much fruit goes to waste each year on the apple trees in the town. I’m surprised a scheme hasn’t been created whereby home owners can be put in touch with people who would come around and pick the fruit to eat rather than letting it go to waste.

If only people knew the food growing potential of the average back garden. Not only is home grown food better but it’s much cheaper too.

What do you think?

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