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Campaign launched to clear up confusion over recycling scheme

| August 4, 2015

Throughout August 2015 the Chiltern and Wycombe Joint Waste Service will be runing a campaign to help residents to clean up any confusion they may have about recycling and which bins they should use.

According to the recycling campaign, Recycle Now, about 30% of people are unsure about what items they can recycle and which bins they should use to dispose of different materials.

The Joint Waste Service working in partnership with Envirocomm will be delivering flyers and new bin stickers to residents in High Wycombe, Terriers, Micklefield and Totteridge.

The flyers and stickers will explain the service enabling residents to effectively use the recycling service and cut down on the amount of rubbish they throw in to their general rubbish bins.

If a bin cannot be emptied because is has the wrong items and materials in it a tag may be placed on it explaining why the bin cannot be emptied to help to give residents a better understanding of which items go in which bin.

The team delivering the flyers, stickers and tags will also be available to answer any questions people may have about the recycling service, which will help to make sure the right items end up in the right bin.

Cllr Jean Teesdale, Wycombe District Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, said: ‘Recycling rates have really improved since we started to collect glass, cans, plastic and paper from across the district, but we know that some people occasionally forget which items go into each bin.

So the aim of this campaign is to point people in the right direction so they understand what materials go in to which bin and, as a district, we continue to do our bit for the environment.

A list of what items can and cannot be recycled together with firther information about the service can be found on the Wycombe District Council website.

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