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Opinion : FA Cup fever grips High Wycombe

| January 12, 2016


Every so often we have something to be proud of in High Wycombe and last weekend it was the turn of our local football team to take centre stage.

Didn’t Wycombe Wanderers do well holding Aston Villa to a 1-1 draw on Saturday?

Just getting to the 3rd round of the FA Cup is an achievement but to hold off the onslaught from a premiership team, albeit one at the wrong end of the league table, is a great achievement.

The match was one of the most talked about events to happen in the town for a long while indeed tickets for the game were sold out less than a week after going on sale guaranteeing a capacity crown for the game.

My good self was one of those unable to get tickets to the match at Adams Park so yours truly listened into the commentary on the Wycombe Sound website.

It was very nice to hear Wycombe Sound return for a special Saturday Sports Show which was available on the stations website. Once again the radio station is showing why it has become a cornerstone of the local community. If only the radio station had a permanent licence to broadcast.

It was so nice to see local businesses getting behind the team too, indeed Isaac Lord in Desborough Road even devoted an entire window display to show support for the team.

What puzzles me is why the supporters can turn out for big games like the one against Aston Villa yet only 3,555 supporters were in the stadium for the game against Morecambe on Saturday 2nd January 2016.

It seems there are many of the townspeople following the team but they are not going over to the ground in person on a regular basis to show their support in person.

Surely supporting a local football team is better seeing the team play on their home ground rather than following them from afar?

Anyway, I wish Wycombe good luck for their trip to Villa Park on Tuesday 19th January 2016 and hope the Chairboys can make it through to the next round of the Cup.

What do you think?

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