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Taxi compliance operation in Aylesbury discovers 32 vehicles with licensing offences

| May 30, 2016

A taxi compliance operation was conducted in Aylesbury on Friday 20th May 2016 by officers from Thames Valley Police and Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC).

The Road Safety Officer for Bucks stopped private hire vehicles around the town, Wendover and Stoke Mandeville to conduct checks on private hire vehicles and drivers.

Vehicles were checked for defects and to establish correct driving licence and insurance with the licensing officers from AVDC checking the drivers for correct taxi documentation.

Thirty six private hire vehicles were stopped as part of the operation. One driver was not insured under the restrictions on the insurance and received a fixed penalty notice for 6 points and £300 fine.

AVDC dealt with thirty two vehicles for licensing offences which included drivers not wearing ID badges and not displaying correct vehicle signage. One vehicle was removed from the road with immediate effect for having a dangerous part.

Drivers were given Taxi enforcement points and given fourteen days in which to rectify the defect or face further action. Licensed drivers can only have twelve points on their license before they run the risk of losing their Taxi License badge.

Private hire vehicles in Aylesbury Vale are required to display exterior signage which includes, rear licensing plate normally bolted to bumper, front licensing plate in windscreen and side door stickers stating: ‘Be booked, be insured‘.

Private hire drivers are required to wear their driver identification badge and for it to be visible to the passengers. They are required by law to wear their seat belts when they do not have a fare on board. Drivers are also not allowed to smoke in their vehicles at any time.

PC Liz Johnson, of Roads Policing said: ‘The operation was a success, we checked a good number of private hire vehicles to ensure the public are safe when using them.

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