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£1,256 to pay after set of drawers is dumped in a field

| March 21, 2017

Furniture dumped illegally in a field near Aylesbury.

On Wednesday 15th March 2017, at High Wycombe Magistrates Court, a 24 year old man of Bicester Road, Aylesbury and a 21 year old man of Hillington Close, Aylesbury were convicted for a fly tipping offence, after both pleaded guilty.

The court heard that on the evening of Thursday 4th August 2016 a member of the public witnessed two males dump an item of furniture in a field using a van with a tail-lift.

The registration number of the van was noted by the witness, who managed to take mobile phone photos of the van as it drove away. Via the owner of the field, the incident was reported to the local authority. Enquiries were made as to the ownership and use of the van on the relevant date.

Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire investigators interviewed the two men at a police station, where both fully admitted the offence. They stated that the set of drawers had come from the 24 year old man’s house and that on the evening in question they both decided to dump the item of furniture in the field on seeing a large pile of dumped plastic bin sacks in the same field. They were both fully co-operative and apologised for their actions. They stated that although they were using a company vehicle at the time, the dumping of the set of drawers had nothing to do with their work.

The Magistrates fined the 24 year old man £369 and the 21 year old man £120. Both were ordered to pay £500 and £200 respectively towards prosecution costs, plus £37 and £30 respectively in victim surcharges – making a total to pay of £1,256.

Sir Beville Stanier, Chairman of the Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire, said: ‘Instead of using the free facilities available to householders at all of Buckinghamshire’s household recycling centres, these men decided to dump a piece of furniture in a field. Thanks to our eagle-eyed public, we are able to prosecute people who flout the law in this way.

The case was prosecuted by Buckinghamshire County Council working on behalf of the Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire.

The Waste Partnership launched the ‘Illegal Dumping Costs’ campaign in November 2003 to combat illegal dumping and waste management offences in Buckinghamshire. Since that date the Partnership has secured 579 convictions against individuals and companies for illegal dumping and related offences.

On average since April 2010, there has been at least one conviction per week for illegal dumping offences in Buckinghamshire. This has resulted in a halving of reported incidents and a significant saving to the Buckinghamshire tax payer over the period, principally through reducing removal and disposal costs.

Fly-tipping in Buckinghamshire can be reported at www.buckscc.gov.uk/fly or by calling 0845 330 1856.

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