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Free guide to wills published by leading law firm based in High Wycombe

| March 28, 2017

Graham King, Senior Partner at Reynolds Parry Jones LLP.

A free downloadable guide to wills has been published by a leading law firm based in High Wycombe.

Reynolds Parry Jones LLP has prepared the guide to provide an overview of the laws and procedures that apply when passing on a legacy as well as the different points people need to consider when making a will.

Graham King, Senior Partner at Reynolds Parry Jones LLP, said: ‘Making a will is vital to ensure that your legacy is passed on in accordance with your wishes, but too often people assume that this will happen automatically.

Our guide has been put together to make clear the basic facts about what is needed to ensure that it is your chosen beneficiaries who inherit from your estate, rather than those chosen by the courts in accordance with the rules of intestacy.

I’d encourage anyone who does not already have a will in place, or who made a will some time ago, to visit our website and download the guide.

The Guide to Wills is available to download free of charge from the Reynolds Parry Jones LLP website at https://www.rpj.uk.com/pdf/RPJ-Wills-Guide.pdf.

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