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Opinion : It’s Christmas – I’ve got mine and I’m gonna enjoy it

| December 21, 2017

Christmas will soon be here, indeed it’s just four days away.

Yours truly has been a good boy this year so Father Christmas is certain to have my name on his list. In fact this year yours truly is feeling very excited and extremely positive about Christmas.

The shopping has all been done, in Marlow of course so as to avoid the problems of Wycombe, so now is the time to sit back, relax and wait for the big day to arrive.

With no need to venture out, my good self is already getting in the Christmas spirit.

A seven foot Christmas tree is the centrepiece in my drawing room with antique garlands draped from the picture rail.

My mind has started thinking about important matters such as when to start thawing the gargantuan turkey sitting in my trusty freezer? Not to mention the dilemma of when shall I open the first of the many packs of mince pies in my larder and how long will they last if your humble servant eats four mince pies a day?

This year, like last, yours truly is throwing a party at my ancestral home for a few specially selected guests.

Naturally my home should be in peak condition ready for the visitors, the last few days have been spent polishing all the antique silverware that will grace the long banqueting table in my dining room.

I’ve worked hard for this and Christmas 2017 is going to be exuberant and redefine the meaning of excess.

While I am hoping for ‘peace on earth’ perhaps the ‘goodwill to all men’ bit should be changed to ‘I’ve got mine and I’m gonna enjoy it.’.

Let’s face it, for many people Christmas is about self. Getting food for one’s self, getting drink for one’s self and enjoying one’s self.

The concept of others, or ‘goodwill to all men’, has largely been abandoned. This comes besides the politically correct brigade looking to get it changed to ‘goodwill to all people‘ to make the phrase gender neutral.

Christmas has sadly been commercialised. Money and self indulgence now take priority over doing good for others.

In modern times it’s very unlikely that carol singers will be coming to one’s front door and residents are unlikely to invite their neighbours round to join in the festivities. Indeed the ‘I’ve got mine’ mentality has taken over.

Of course this is a real shame.

So, let me ask you a question. ‘Are you going to do any goodwill to anyone this Christmas?’. Oh, so you’re not? Well that’s a disgrace!

But before anyone heaps criticism on my good self just remember your humble servant will be throwing a big party this Christmas so others will benefit from my exuberant party. So maybe I am not that bad after all?

Maybe for my lucky guests this Christmas it should be ‘I’ve got yours and you’re gonna get it?’….

What do you think?

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