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Marlow bridge closed for several hours due to discovery of an unexploded wartime grenade

| April 21, 2019

Marlow Bridge was closed for several hours during the late evening of Saturday 20th April 2019 following the discovery of an unexploded wartime grenade.

Police closed the bridge at around 11.00pm on Saturday 20th April 2019 after an unexploded wartime grenade was found by two men who were magnet fishing close to the bridge.

The grenade was removed from the area by a Royal Logistics Corps Explosive Ordinance Disposal team who later safely disposed of the ordinance in a controlled explosion which took place in a field. Police reopened the bridge at around 1.30am on the morning of Sunday 21st April 2019.

It was the second time in three days that police closed Marlow Bridge after live ammunition was found in the river on Wednesday 17th April 2019.

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