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Consultation launched on creating new ‘community boards’ in Buckinghamshire

| August 13, 2019

A consultation has been launched to ask Buckinghamshire residents for their views on how the new Buckinghamshire Council, and its councillors, will work with local communities to improve the lives of residents.

Launched on Monday 12th August 2019 by the Shadow Executive, who are working to create the new Buckinghamshire Council, the consultation asks for feedback on proposals for community boards that would help the new council understand, respond to and support local communities more effectively.

The consultation is aimed at gathering feedback from residents, town and parish councils, community groups and other partner organisations across Buckinghamshire.

The proposed community boards would give communities a stronger voice on how services are designed and delivered in their local area. Bringing together Buckinghamshire Council councillors with residents, health professionals, police, town and parish councils, partners and community groups to work together to tackle local issues.

The consultation focuses on how the community boards would work, who would be involved, how many there should be and the areas they should cover across the county.

Localism member co-lead, Councillor Mark Shaw (Shadow Executive member, Chiltern District Councillor and Buckinghamshire County Councillor) said: ‘We want Buckinghamshire Council to have strong links with its communities.

Community boards are a vital way for the new council to understand local priorities and work together to find solutions.

We know Buckinghamshire is a diverse county, and we need to be actively working with communities to make sure we improve outcomes for all of our residents.

Fellow localism member co-lead, Councillor Katrina Wood (Deputy Leader of the Shadow Executive, Leader of Wycombe District Council, Buckinghamshire County Councillor) added: ‘This is your chance to have a say about how decisions affecting your local community are made in the future.

The new Buckinghamshire Council gives us a great opportunity to work together to build stronger relationships with our local communities. And we want you to help us get this right for the people of Buckinghamshire.

Further information on the community boards and information on how to take part in the consultation can be found on the Shadow Authority website at shadow.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/communityboards.

For further information about the survey, public drop-in sessions are being held across Buckinghamshire :

  • Thursday 29th August 2019 : Bucks County Show.
  • Tuesday 3rd September 2019, 11.00am to 1.00pm : Friars Square, Aylesbury.
  • Thursday 5th September 2019, 10.00am to 12.00pm : Chiltern District Council, Amersham.
  • Tuesday 10th September 2019, 10.00am to 12.00pm : Buckingham Library.
  • Tuesday 17th September 2019, 12.00pm to 2.00pm : Wycombe District Council.

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