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Ivor the well known local High Wycombe blogger joins Wycombe Today

| February 13, 2014


We are pleased to announce that Ivor, the well known local High Wycombe blogger, has joined Wycombe Today as our Chief Blogger.

Writing exclusively for Wycombe Today Ivor will be sharing his unique opinion on the particularities of Wycombe life with our readers. He is never short of words and always has an opinion on everything.

Over the many years he has been blogging Ivor may have made as many enemies as friends but his local knowledge and forthright opinions are guaruanteed to make for lively debate.

When handed his new blog Ivor said ‘By George! I’m humbled at being given the opportunity to blog on the Wycombe Today site. With so many exciting things happening in the town at the moment my good self is looking forward to sharing my experiences of life in modern day Wycombe through my new blog in the hope of making things better for us all. Over the past few months the powers that be seem to have started to turn things around in the town but there are still many problems that need addressing before one can say our town is great once again‘.

Ivor’s first blog for Wycombe Today has just been published and can be read here.

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  1. lorrainej says:

    Hello Ivor! nice to see you are back blogging. I hope you haven’t got water problems.

  2. Ivor says:

    Re the comments of lorrainej at 6:42pm

    Hello Lorraine, it’s nice to hear from you.

    My good self is surviving the storms well however I have had a leak in one of my spare bedrooms.

    Hope you are keeping warm and dry?