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Opinion : Wheelie bins and wind

| February 21, 2014


In a weeks time we will be at the end of February. Winter will be drawing to a close and the first hints of spring will be bursting into the world.

There has been plenty of rain this year but so far there hasn’t been any snow, we usually see some snow but perhaps this year will be the exception.

I know its early but my daffodils are already several inches tall indeed any snowfall or a spell of cold weather would come as a dreadful shock to them.

With the evenings starting to get lighter there is the opportunity for yours truly to potter around in the grounds of my estate after arriving home from work. Thanks to the recent windy weather most of my time outdoors has been spent picking up litter, plastic bottles and other detritus blown into my garden.

My nearest neighbour is an awfully long way away yet still I find myself picking up rubbish, it makes me wonder how far can the average piece of rubbish travel in a strong wind.

When we used black bags residents would tie the bags down and no matter how much wind there was the rubbish stayed inside. However these newfangled wheelie bins have unsecured lids which can easily be blown open by a strong gust of wind resulting in rubbish spewing out to end up all over the street and in neighbours gardens.

The average wheeled bin is hardly designed for its aerodynamic properties and I have even seen the tall square bins be completely blown over when the wind gets very strong.

Part of the problem comes from those who over fill their bins meaning the lids are already part open making it easier for the wind to blow the lid fully open and spirit away any light materials sticking up over the top of the bin.

As for the various collection boxes, well, a light plastic box filled with light plastic bottles is hardly going to provide much resistance to wind. Sadly the collection boxes don’t even have lids.

When wind is forecast my neighbour may as well pick up their recycling boxes and tip the contents into my front garden to save the wind the trouble of blowing the stuff over the hedge onto my property.

Not only does my good self have my own rubbish to get rid of but there’s also the rubbish that has been blown onto my property from my neighbours. With black bin collections now taking place every two weeks there’s so much rubbish that my good self is needing to visit the tip in my car to get rid of it all.

Of course the powers that be send operatives around the streets to pick up litter as part of the normal street cleaning process. After a strong wind the street cleaning men have their work cut out picking up all the rubbish blown out from the bins.

It may be an offence to drop litter in the street however I fear a good deal of the rubbish blighting our streets is not dropped but people instead it is blown our of wheelie bins.

It’s a shame the lids on the wheelie bins can’t be secured in some way but sadly the lids are designed to open easily when tipped up into the dustcart.

Maybe the lids should be weighted so they remain closed in windy conditions but still open under the force of gravity when they are tipped up for emptying?

Bins are supposed to contain the rubbish not let it blow out everywhere to the annoyance of law abiding citizens like my good self.

What do you think?

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