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Opinion : Residential roads should not be commercial car parks

| March 14, 2014


What a lovely day it was today.

My lunchtime walk around the town centre was most enjoyable on what was a nice warm spring day. As I sat in the grounds of the parish churchyard with the sound of birdsong filling the air I thought to myself how lovely it is in Wycombe town centre.

After work yours truly visited a friend who had invited me round to their home close to Castlefield to have a look at the plants in their greenhouse.

Pulling up in front of their home in my trusty car I was shocked to see the road outside my friends house filled with a menagerie of parked taxis, delivery vans and even a car transporter with an accident damaged vehicle on board.

Indeed my good self was unable to park outside my friends home and my motor had to be left about a hundred feet further along the road in the only available parking space.

My friend informed me that the commercial vehicles belong to residents who live further along the road however they never leave their commercial vehicles outside their own homes.

Surely residential roads should be for residents and their personal vehicles and not a car park for commercial vehicles for companies who let their employees take work transport home with them?

Parking in some roads is bad enough without bunging the kerbside up with cars, vans and lorries belonging to businesses.

All it takes is for a taxi driver to move in and not only do you have their personal private vehicles but the taxi comes too.

I think it’s time the powers that be brought in a by-law to prevent the parking of commercial vehicles in residential roads. As far as I’m concerned private cars are fine but there is a limit to what should be allowed to be parked in a residential road.

If a company has vehicles then they should garage them overnight on their own commercial premises and not blight the residents of the town with delivery vehicles.

I say get the traffic wardens to patrol the residential roads of the town after, say, 7.00pm in the evening and if a taxi, delivery vehicle or car transporter is parked outside a residential house then tow the vehicle away and sell it for scrap metal with proceeds going to the local government authorities so the money raised can go back into the pot for road maintenance.

Seeing my poor friend and all the various commercial vehicles outside their house has made me realise this is a matter that needs to be addressed. Who wants to look out their front window to see some clapped out white van from a company?

Roads are there to be driven on and not used as a car park for commercial vehicles for companies who can’t be bothered to garage them on their premises overnight.

What do you think?

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