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FILM REVIEW: The Zero Theorem (15)

| March 16, 2014
Released : 14th March 2014
Rated : 15
Running Time: 106mins
BBFCinsight: Contains strong language and sex references
Director: Terry Gilliam
Stars: Christoph Waltz, Mélanie Thierry, David Thewlis, Lucas Hedges, Matt Damon, Ben Whishaw, Tilda Swinton

‘The Zero Theorem’ is the latest science fiction film from Terry Gilliam (of Monty Python fame). Filmed over 37 days from October to December 2012 it charts the life, torment and troubles of Qohen Leth (Christoph Waltz) who lives in a burnt out church.

With a boring and seeming repetitive job at a company called ‘Mancom’ Qohen would like nothing more than for the ‘management’ (Matt Damon) to allow him to work from home so he can be more productive and also be at home to receive a ‘call’ on the telephone. Later in the film we discover the awaited ‘call’ will reveal to Qohen the meaning of his life.

Eventually Qohen meets the ‘management’ at a party hosted by a work colleague and gets agreement that he can work at home providing he works solely on a task called ‘The Zero Theorem’, a mathematical formula derived from Big Crunch theory, which sees Qohen striving to prove that 0 equals 100% and is purported to show that life has no purpose.

All who have previously worked on ‘The Zero Theorem’ eventually burnt out mentally in the process and Qohen suffers a similar fate. As Qohen descends into despair he turns to consult a virtual psychiatrist which is part of his work computer. A mysterious woman, called Bainsley (Mélanie Thierry) also enters Qohen’s life and interacts with him though a virtual world of adult humour in which Qohen is free and happy.

The film is most enjoyable and gives a glimpse into the odd world of Qohen. His decent into madness proves that working from home may not be such a dream as home life can be destroyed by the boring mundane world of work.

With plenty of funny moments and visual jokes this film is definitely worth watching.

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