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Opinion : Let’s make Wycombe a ‘Garden Town’

| March 18, 2014


Wasn’t it nice weather last weekend.

Spring is definitely here indeed I heard the distant chimes of the first ice cream van of the year as it plied its trade around the neighbourhoods of the town.

The daffodils are making a real impact on the town at the moment, indeed anyone driving along the Hughenden Road past the park will no doubt have noticed the lovely clumps of nodding yellow flowers brightening up the verges beside the road.

In my own garden the daffodils are making an impact too bringing a splash of colour to the darker areas of my estate.

It’s at this time of year that one can connect to nature. Seeing a lovely formal flower border or well manicured lawn come alive in spring is a most enjoyable spectacle.

I feel really sorry for those who have paved over their front lawns to provide parking for cars.

Sadly over the years Wycombe has become a concrete jungle. I can remember when the side of Downley hill was pasture with animals grazing on it. Just look at it now with hundreds of small houses blighting the hillside.

Last weekend, while reading the news on a national news site, yours truly could not help notice and article about the creation of the first garden city in the UK for 100 years.

The garden city movement, initiated in 1898 by Sir Ebenezer Howard, is something that yours truly fully supports. All too often concrete, asphalt and bricks can overcome nature leading to a miserable and drab environment.

Just look at Frogmoor in Wycombe to see a good example of how too much concrete can ruin a nice area.

Why stop at ‘garden cities’ how about creating ‘garden towns’ too?

By making nature and open spaces central to where we live it would no doubt make the towns better places to live in.

Wycombe already has some lovely areas of greenery where nature can show off its glory, the old Library Gardens at the end of the High Street is a good example.

Sadly since the library moved not many people go down to the end of the High Street now and the awe inspiring spectacle of the formal bedding is mostly viewed by passing motorists and people riding on the many buses which pass by.

When you come to think of it there is very little greenery in the new shopping area of Wycombe.

Surely some planters could be installed to brighten up the new shopping complex?

Wycombe is about to go through a change if the town centre Masterplan goes ahead. While the Masterplan looks at re-routing traffic flow it would have been nice if it had also turned Wycombe into a ‘garden town’ to make it a brighter and nice place to live.

Why stop at the town centre? Instead of paving of grass verges and driveways let’s see green grass and flower borders reclaim the front gardens of the town from the drab oil-stained concrete areas where cars are currently parked.

What do you think?

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