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Opinion : Maybe an artifical Marlow is best?

| March 25, 2014

Wasn’t it nice weather last weekend?

For once yours truly had a little spare time on my hands so it seemed like a good idea to get in my trusty car and take a trip over to Marlow. Indeed what could be better that a quick Saturday afternoon stroll in Higginson Park now the flood waters have subsided.

I must say the great and the good have made an excellent job of cleaning up and decontaminating Higginson Park after the recent floods. From looking at the park now nobody would even know what happened a few weeks ago apart from it being a little muddy, which is to be expected at this time of year anyway.

Walking towards the park down the wonderful High Street was a most enjoyable experience and there was plenty of time for me to admire the lovely architecture of the historic buildings which give Marlow its character. If only Wycombe was as good.

With proper wooden benches to sit on, traditional red telephone boxes and even a gold painted postbox in recognition of Olympic achievement Marlow High Street is literally streets ahead of the High Street in Wycombe.

To put things in perspective there isn’t even a postbox in Wycombe High Street any more let alone a gold painted one.

As I promenaded along Marlow High Street on my way to Higginson Park I happened to find myself passing the public house which back in 2010 installed an artificial hedge outside their premises.

Those who have been following the local news for as long as my good self will know there was uproar over the installation of the artificial hedge (pictured below)  and it was duly replaced with a real one.

Hedge Outside Chequers Pub, High Street, Marlow - 2010-07-17

Naturally on my visit last weekend I was expecting to see a well established and neatly manicured hedge similar to those surrounding the formal lawns at my ancestral home. But when yours truly saw the hedge as it was on Saturday I was struck dumb in disbelief.

Below is a picture of the hedge as it was when I visited. What a shabby mess it is.

IMG_6169Hedge Outside Chequers Pub, High Street, Marlow - 2014-03-22

The straggly stems of half dead box plant looked so untidy. The few plants that did have any resemblance to a box bush were far from perfect indeed my good self has seen better hedging around many of the council houses in Castlefield than this pathetic display in the supposedly upmarket area of Marlow High Street.

Maybe the people of Marlow should not have objected to the artificial hedge? After all it looked far nicer than the hedge currently adorning the premises in question on the High Street. One thing is for sure if that hedge stays as it is Marlow isn’t likely to be in the running for the best kept town in England this year.

Perhaps the Marlovians should rise up and start a campaign to get something done about the twiggy mess just like they did in 2010?

If a hedge as bad as that appeared in Wycombe High Street then yours truly would certainly start a campaign to get things put right.

What do you think?

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