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Opinion : It’s time to ban pavement parking

| April 1, 2014


Walking along the pavements of the town should be a nice experience.

Sadly all too often the poor pedestrian finds themselves having to negotiate around parked cars, vans and even the odd lorry.

Yours truly does not stand in the road blocking the way of the motorists so why do the motorists think they have the right to lave their cars on the pavement blocking my safe passage?

Only last weekend an article appeared on a national news site entitled ‘Pavement parking ban call by Guide Dogs charity‘ which raised the issue of pavement parking and pointed out its many dangers.

Parked cars are bad enough for those with perfect eyesight indeed those with poorer vision must find having to walk out into the road to get by a most harrowing experience.

If a house has a driveway then I think all vehicles associated with that property should be parked off road at all times. No house should have more cars associated with it than there is room to park off road, it’s as simple as that.

Of course if a house doesn’t have any off street parking, like many of the older properties in the town, then the occupants should not have cars. It’s as simple as that.

Drivers think they can lust leave their vehicles where ever they want. Not only is street parking a danger to pedestrians but by narrowing the carriage way it can hamper the emergency services if they need to get by.

Sadly I fear my highly sensible yet draconian rules are unlikely to be implemented. Motorists can apparently leave their vehicles wherever they want and the poor pedestrian is forced to walk around the parked vehicles often having to step into the road putting themselves in danger.

What do you think?

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