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£1m investment in technology for Buckinghamshire Heathcare

| April 2, 2014

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust applied for and has successfully been given £1m to invest in technology for nurses, midwives and care staff. The money is part of a £30m fund available from NHS England’s Nursing Technology Fund to make a difference to community working.

Only seven Trusts across the country were allocated the highest figure of £1m.

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust’s big comes after recognising the need for modern, mobile technology to support staff and improve patient care. The investment will be used to provide 500 of the community nurses and over 50 midwives with access to mobile technology.

Based on earlier pilot schemes, this use of technology could make direct improvements to patient care. As time travelling is reduced, the community team hope to see an increase in the number of patient visits they can make per day, as well as see a reduction in the number of patients admitted into hospitals as more of their care can be provided locally.

The use of mobile devices also aims to increase the opportunities patients have to directly influence their care, such as being involved in the ordering and assessment of the equipment that is required to support them in their home.

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