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Opinion : Don’t forget the First World War

| April 4, 2014


It was very peaceful sitting on the bench (pictured above) in the Parish churchyard today while I tucked into my sandwiches.

A handful of people were walking around the town centre and several pigeons waddled around my feet looking for any crumbs my good self may have dropped on the ground.

Of course right there in front of me was the War Memorial erected to the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the Great War which started on the 28th July 1914.

A hundred years is a long time and many of the younger generation may not know of the horrors of the first mechanised war. Over on the news section of this site is an article entitled ‘First World War commemorative exhibition opens‘ which yours truly read with great interest.

By the sound of it the exhibition which will take place at Wycombe Museum will be very interesting.

Besides the memorial in the grounds of the Parish Church there are the plaques bearing the names of the local people who perished in action which can be found outside the entrance to Wycombe Hospital.

Every time yours truly goes into the main entrance of the hospital I stop and pause for a moment to read a few names and think of the brave soldiers who fought for the freedom we enjoy today.

No doubt there will be many more exhibitions and reminders of what happened in 1914 taking place in the town however I would like to see more prominence given to the displays. Perhaps even setting up an exhibition in the High Street or in the new shopping complex so the history is brought to the people rather than the people having to go to the exhibition.

In other towns local history groups have researched the names of those listed on their local war memorials but sadly, to my knowledge, no such project is taking place in Wycombe. This I find very sad.

While memorials remind us of those who never returned we must not forget the heroes who survived. As a youngster yours truly can remember hearing my grandfather recount the dreadful happenings of when he fought in the Great War.

A whole generation is being brought up to think that war is acceptable indeed you only have to look at the high number of war based computer games available today to see that war is now considered a game.

Maybe if people were educated into the realities of war they would see that it’s not a game and in truth it’s a horrific curse that blights civilised society.

Rather than children playing tacky video games glorifying conflict in their bedrooms let’s see some frank and forthright exhibitions showing what World War One war really like.

What do you think?

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