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Opinion : Easter Weekend 2014

| April 18, 2014


Once again it’s Good Friday and the start of the Easter Weekend.

With four Bank Holidays over the next six weeks it’s a shame so many of our precious days of rest are bunched up at one time of year.

This weekend my time will be spent pottering around my estate tending to my garden. After all there isn’t much going on in the town indeed even the 2014 Mayoral Arch by the Guild Hall in the High Street is in the process of being taken down.

Once again I ask the question why is it there is so little to do on a Bank Holiday weekend in Wycombe?.

I am not aware of any special events being put on for the extra long weekend. I’m not being critical here but even the Wycombe Arts Festival starts next weekend on the 26th April 2014. Surely it could have been brought forward a week so there were events for the people to attend this holiday weekend when we have time on our hands?

Oh well, at least yours truly will be happy in my garden.

Maybe it’s just me but I thought this year the gardening sections of the shops in the town were not as large as usual. I guess gardening is a dying pastime what with more people living in flats or smaller houses without gardens.

Personally I think those who are lucky enough to have a garden should be encouraged to get outdoors and have a go at growing something. Sadly the encroachment of satellite TV and computer games has turned many of the men folk of the town into couch potatoes who would rather rest on the sofa than do any physical exercise in the fresh air.

No doubt this weekend will see DIY enthusiasts paving over even more of the towns front gardens to make off street parking for the ever increasing number of cars that blight the neighbourhoods of the town.

Of course we can’t get away from the fact this weekend marks Easter. I wonder how many people will actually think about or celebrate the Christian festival of Easter? Probably very few.

Easter is the second most important date on the Christian calendar yet it’s now a time when people do DIY, visit the shops and like my good self spend time in the garden. If Christmas was in the summer and the weather was better we would probably all do the same then rather that sitting around the Christmas tree.

It would be interesting to know how many people visit a church this weekend compared to how many visit the shops and leisure attractions.

Sadly the religion that was once so important to previous generations has been swept aside with the new technological age. However other cultures still keep in tune with their religious festivals.

Easter is not what it used to be, sadly society in general is not what it used to be either. Why it is all change always seems to be for the worse?

What do you think?

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