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Opinion : Why is inconsiderate roadside parking tolerated?

| May 16, 2014


We don’t seem to hear much these days about the new bin collections that were introduced late last year.

Is it fair to say that everyone is happy with Wycombe’s newfangled refuse collection scheme now things have had time to bed it? Well, you may be happy but I for one am not.

Putting aside my gripes about fortnightly black bin collections and the introduction of recycling for all it seems there are still issues with bin collections in the Wycombe area.

Earlier this week a notice appeared on the Wycombe District Council website informing residents that in the previous week the contractor had been unable to collect refuse because of parked vehicles blocking access for the collection lorries.

The roads affected were:

  • Brambleside, Loudwater
  • Beaumont Rise, Marlow
  • Cromwell Gardens, Marlow
  • Cromwell Road, Marlow
  • Garratts Way, High Wycombe
  • Rennie Close, Downley
  • St Johns Road, Tylers Green

Apparently the collection lorry had to return this week to the aforementioned roads and try to empty the bins again.

While the problem wasn’t one directly related to the new collection scheme it must be very annoying that inconsiderate parking should result in householders failing to have their bins emptied.

I would have thought something as vital as waste collection would have meant the contractors could have called for the police to get the vehicles moved by force so they could carry out their collection.

Suppose a fire engine, which is about the same sort of size as a dustcart, needed to gain access to the roads too? Would it be acceptable for the fire brigade to return the following week to put out a house that was on fire?

I have said many times before about the menace of parked cars blocking roads indeed it’s a topic that my good self feels very strongly about.

Of course having wheelie bins left on the kerb all day until the householders return just causes inconvenience for pedestrians trying to walk past especially where the pavements are narrow.

Once, many years ago, yours truly had the misfortune to ride on a bus that passed through Castlefield. The parking in some of the narrow roads there was dreadful indeed it was nearly impossible for the driver to manoeuvre the bus past some of the parked vehicles.

Despite all the problems it causes roadside parking seems to be tolerated. Why are the powers that be reluctant to tackle the issue?

If a house has a driveway then it should be used. If there is no drive then the occupiers should not have a car, it’s as simple as that.

Personally it would be nice to see the town centre’s ‘Positive Parking’ scheme extended beyond its current boundary so residents are encouraged to park vehicles off the road or pay for the privileged of leaving their motor vehicles beside the highway.

Sadly I fear nothing will be done on the issue and the matter will fester quietly away in the background until one day the passage of a fire engine is blocked by a parked car and someone perishes in a fire. Only then perhaps will the issue of roadside parking be addressed.

What do you think?

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