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Opinion : Bank Holiday over and it looks like Europe is too….

| May 27, 2014


I don’t know about you but the Bank Holiday weekend was over far too quickly for my liking.

The weather may have been a washout on Monday and dull and overcast at the weekend but yours truly would far prefer to be at home relaxing in my favourite arm chair than slaving away on the shop floor at work.

Once again there wasn’t much on in Wycombe, at least if there was my good self wasn’t aware of it.

Thankfully the European Elections are over now and hopefully the torrent of leaflets, cards and other election paraphernalia will stop dropping through my letter box.

When will the politicians learn that it isn’t the bumph posted through my letterbox that makes me vote for them instead it’s their policies and whether or not they will actually deliver on their promises?

Personally I don’t see the point of the European Elections. With a ballot paper so long it resembled a piece of toilet paper the EU elections must be the biggest waste of money ever.

What has Europe ever done for me?

Well, they decimalised our currency forcing us to say goodbye to our trusty pounds shillings and pence. They merticated our measurements so I can no longer buy vegetables in pounds and ounces and they came out with a whole raft of silly measures like removing lead from petrol which means a trip to Marlow is required every time I want to fill up my trusty historic motor with the proper leaded petrol which it was designed to work on.

As you may be able to tell I for one and utterly fed up with Europe.

It seems a lot of other people share my viewpoint indeed when the results of Thursday’s election were announced the big winner was the UK Independence Party.

Throughout Europe itself there seems to be a rising tide against the EU, for example in France the Front National made significant gains.

I wonder what the world would be like if we hadn’t made the mistake of rushing into joining the EU back in the 1970’s? No doubt we would probably be far better off.

With the increase in support for anti-Europe parties like UKIP the outcome of any ‘let’s get out of Europe’ referendum is likely to be interesting.

A country a great as ours should not be constricted by being forced to be small part of a large body like the EU. One thing is for sure, the tide of support for Europe seems to be waning and its quite possible that given the chance we would vote to leave the failing European monolith in favour of total self rule.

The question is what would life be like if we weren’t in Europe and could shape out own destiny? Well, it can’t be much worse than the past few years when we struggled to cope with the fallout of the banking crisis…..

What do you think?

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