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Opinion : A car without a driver? It’s a good idea!

| May 30, 2014


The modern world in which we live is always full of surprises.

From portable phones with internet connections to pocket sized music players quite honestly it amazes me what the boffins in the labs will come up with next.

Most of the recent developments in technology have been in the fields of communication and entertainment however a day or so ago yours truly read an article on a national news website about a new diver less car.

Developed by the people at Google it seems several hundred prototypes of the new car are soon to be produced.

At least this new venture of theirs may be something useful indeed I’m still fuming at them sending vehicles with cameras on the top around Wycombe to take pictures of every house in every street, including my own home, then putting all the images on the internet for all to see.

Just think how driver less cars would affect our lives here in Wycombe.

There will no longer be a need to take a driving test as the human is no longer in control of the vehicle. Even children can get in, select their destination and off they go.

No more need to pay car park charges to the powers that be. Simply arrive at your destination and tell the car to circle round the roads of Wycombe for a couple of hours until you summon it back through an application on your portable phone.

In fact if you live close to town the car can return home and park in your driveway to return once you need it again.

In fact why does it have to be parked in your drive? The vehicles could be left outside someone else’s house and summoned when you next need it. But hang on, lots of people do that already with their normal cars much to my and everyone else’s annoyance….

Can you imagine the sight of hundreds of empty cars driving themselves around the roads of Wycombe so the owners avoid parking charges?

Think of the time saved taking guests home or doing the school run. Simply put your children in the driver less vehicle, close the door and the car goes off to school with children safely inside leaving the women folk at home to do better things. The car takes the children to school by itself and returns empty.

Sadly my good self has not been blessed with children however I can think of a useful variation on the similar theme.

For those on fortnightly bin collections when the wheelie bin gets full after just one week simply bag up the rubbish and put it in the boot of the driver less car. Tell it to go to High Heavens Waste Disposal Complex at Booker where an operative empties the dust bags from the vehicle before it returns home.

That will certainly knock the Council recycling scheme for six and make the plethora of coloured bins and boxes we currently have irrelevant.

The taxi drivers in the town centre may not be too happy though as their services will no longer needed. Instead of a rank full of taxis with their friendly drivers in the future we will just get into an empty taxi, select the destination, put some money in the meter and off it will go.

You know the more my good self thinks about these driver less vehicles the more useful there are.

Indeed the driver less car may be the most useful invention of the modern age. No doubt driver less buses, lorries and vans will soon come along too.

As for my good self, well, I will still keep my trusty historic motor indeed there is nothing like being behind the wheel of a proper petrol powered car when driving over Wycombe’s magnificent Abbey Way flyover. As the driver less cars are programmed to avoid other vehicles I can simply cut them up and they will get out of the way to let me pass….

What do you think?

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