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Opinion : Mid-summer madness or a return to the bad ways of the past?

| June 20, 2014


With mid-summer’s day almost upon us, the weather may be warm but sadly it’s been a bit overcast at lunchtime recently.

Yours truly isn’t going to let a bit of cloud put me off indeed so long as it isn’t raining I shall partake in my regular lunchtime walk around Wycombe town centre and the ritual eating of my sandwiches on a bench while watching the world go by.

Today, while tucking in to my lunch, an old friend happened to walk past and joined me for a short time while your humble servant demolished my sandwiches.

One thing led to another and the topic of conversation turned to recent news events.

Yesterday, Thursday, the fire brigade had to deal with two fires started by arsonists in Castlefield. The fires were started within just over half an hour of each other.

Last Sunday a man was stabbed on The Rye. It may look a tranquil area of green space but anyone who has lived in Wycombe will know that muggings, robberies and other misdemeanour’s have been common place on The Rye over the years.

Sadly it looks like the calm Wycombe has enjoyed in recent months in unravelling and the town is sinking back into the bad old ways of the past when arson attacks and muggings were daily events.

What on earth could be the reason behind the recent events? It is the warm mid-summer weather or is there another reason?

The actions of the few can tar an entire town or area in the case of Castlefield. Once an area gets a reputation it can be very hard to shake it off.

Let’s hope the fires in Castlefield on Thursday were one off events but the fact still remains there is someone out there who enjoys starting fires and they are still active in their pyromaniac desires.

For all that we know the fire could have been started by someone from outside the area indeed I have often wondered why people can a travel freely in and out of Castlefield. Simply block off a couple of roads, divert all other traffic up New Road and Castlefield could become a controlled community.

At least we would know who was in the area when the fires were started thus narrowing down the list of suspects.

Let’s hope things are quiet in Castlefield over the weekend, the last thing we need is a return to the bad old ways of the past.

What do you think?

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