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Opinion : Is there a World Cup taking place?

| June 27, 2014


Years ago the World Cup was a big event. People would gather around television sets watching crackly pictures showing the football action taking place in far away lands.

Football at world level used to be something to look forward to but over the decades advances in technology has made the world smaller and sadly I fear what were once rare events have become an expectation.

Usually when a major football event is on and the weather is fine you will see cars driving around the roads of Wycombe with flags protruding from the windows. Quite often flags would even be draped from the windows of houses to show patriotism and support for England. People would also hold parties, sadly sometimes noisy, where friends could watch the sporting action together.

I know England has been knocked out of the competition this year after a dreadfully dismal performance but cast your mind back to a few days before the first ball was kicked.

How many flags did you see flying from car windows? I certainly did see that many. Why could this be?

Are the people too hard up to be able to afford to buy the flags?

Have the people of today become complacent with major international sporting events?

Perhaps our national flag is not on display because people are afraid of having a finger pointed at them by the politically correct brigade who wish to stifle anything patriotic?

Maybe the World Cup as a competition has lost its shine and people no longer rate it as an important competition?

Or could it just be that everyone could see that the England team was going to take an early exit so they didn’t bother to support them?

Whatever the reason it seems worrying that the people of today didn’t seem to be willing, able or proud to show allegiance to their national team or country.

Even in the shops there wasn’t that much merchandise on sale relating to the football competition. It seems the World Cup is passing by unnoticed this year which seems a dreadful shame.

Maybe football is slipping from the affections of the population as our national sport? Just look at how few people were turning up to supporting Wycombe’s local team at the end of last season.

We all knew that England wasn’t going to win the competition indeed if they had of got into the final they would have lost on penalties most probably to Germany however the general lack of interest overall has shocked me.

I fear the modern world of televised sport has turned special events into everyday occurrences and we no longer realise the importance of international sporting events.

What do you think?

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