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Opinion : Cooling off on a hot day

| July 3, 2014


Oh my, the weather is hot at the moment.

With the sun beating down on me from above it was quite unpleasant walking around the town at lunchtime on Thursday.

It’s a times like these that it makes on realise how little shade there is in the town centre.

The High Street may have trees in it but they are merely specimen trees to make the place look nice, the shade they provide is negligible.

While the new shopping complex may have a roof, unfortunately it is clear so the suns rays can get inside and heat the place up. Sadly to my perception it’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter which is rather unfortunate.

Frogmoor is not a nice place to visit on a hot day either, the vast expanse of concrete heats up making your humble servant feel as if I’m being casseroled when sitting on a bench there.

On a hot day walk to the Rye is too far but even there trees are in short supply unless you want to walk right over to the far side.

No, Wycombe is definitely not a nice place to be when its hot and sticky.

A few years ago the powers that be wanted to introduce a ‘cafe culture’ into the town centre, so where are all the tables outside with umbrellas up to provide shade? Surely this weather is ideal for sipping a cold drink in the open under the sanctuary of an umbrella?

Well, the cafes didn’t really open. Instead burger bars, fast food outlets and other low end eateries flooded into town to complement the betting shops and charity shops which have taken over the town centre in recent years.

On market days there is always an ice cream van parked amongst the market stalls yet when the market is not on the ice cream van is nowhere to be seen.

Wouldn’t it make sense to allow a van to park up permanently in the High Street during the daytime in hot weather so passers by could gain refreshment in the form of a cool ice cream?

At night the town is awash with trailers, vans and other moveable fast food outlets selling kababs and the like to the drunken yobbos who frequent the town centre after dark.

Why not allow a small number of selected traders to set up stall in the High Street and around town in the daytime during summer to sell refreshments to those walking by? I for one would certainly take advantage of their presence.

What do you think?

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