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Bucks infant and combined schools on track to offer free school meals from September

| July 8, 2014

Buckinghamshire County Council Offices, Aylesbury. 2009-04-06

From the beginning of the new school year in September all 160 infant and combined schools in Buckinghamshire are on track to offer their pupils a nutritious school lunch.

The provision of schools meals has been achieved by Buckinghamshire County Council while still staying within the Government’s £1.1 million capital grant.

Currently eighty infant and combined schools in Buckinghamshire already serve meals every day thanks to seven hub kitchens strategically placed around the county. There is a 45% pupil take up of the current scheme. The hub kitchens have been given extra capacity to handle the additional demand expected in September.

Seventeen schools in the County already have their own private providers in place who should be ready to meet the extra demand in September.

Of the remaining 63, 10 schools are creating their own solutions, like Haddenham St Mary’s, where friend of the school the celebrated chef Raymond Blanc has inspired them to consider using local produce, cooked locally, to serve a number of partner schools with nutritious meals.

The other 53 schools are exploring two potential ‘super kitchen’ providers who would provide plated meals with no waste and no washing up. Sample tastings will take place over the next two or three weeks.

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