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Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust launches new children and young people’s website

| July 15, 2014

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust has launched a new website dedicated to supporting the health and development of children and young people throughout the county.

In addition to the traditional face-to-face care provided by the Trust’s children and young people’s service, parents, carers and professionals can now find more information from a range of services, including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, school nursing, and health visiting, in one location online they can access from their own home.

The site aims to support all aspects of children and young people’s growth and development by covering a range of disciplines from birth to 18 years.

Divided into four different professions, the site includes guides and exercises, such as tying shoelaces and potty training, as well as links to other relevant topical sites, such as the .beat bullying. campaign.

The new website can be viewed at www.buckshealthcare.nhs.uk/children-and-young-people.

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