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Opinion : A journey to London by train

| July 22, 2014


Late last week my good self had the pleasure to travel to London for on day on behalf of work.

Very rarely these days is yours truly let loose in the City indeed my advancing years and general decrepit health mean that getting around in such a busy environment can be quite a challenge.

Once a ticket had been purchased from the booking office at High Wycombe station I glanced up at the indicator screen to see which platform the next train was departing from. The next train to Marylebone would be departing from platform 3.

Of course platform 3 is an awfully long walk under the subway, but faced with a wait to the next train from platform 1 what else could I do?

Eventually yours truly was standing on platform 3, puffed out and exhausted after the long walk. The train arrived and we all boarded, naturally I managed to get a seat and off we tootled to London.

Those platforms at Marylebone are a quarter of a mile long and guess what? Yes, as usual the train I was on pulled in right at the end of the platform with umpteen other carriages already filling the tracks nearest to the station concourse.

After a quarter of a mile walk I reached the ticket barrier and could head off towards the underground station.

The hot weather, packed underground trains, city atmosphere and punishing work schedule took its toll on my aged and obese body. Working in London is a young man’s game and these days I am more than happy to be based in Wycombe town centre.

When it came time to go home I alighted the underground at Baker Street and walked to Marylebone.

Standing looking at the departure board on the concourse of Marylebone station the times of the trains and destinations was being announced but sadly the platform numbers were not.

Surely they know which platform the train is going from? Isn’t it the same platform every day? Then why not tell us that then we can go and wait for the train to arrive!

With fifteen minutes to go to departure of the next service to stop at High Wycombe yours truly was just left hanging around waiting for the platform number to be announced.

After that long walk from Baker Street my fat legs were very weary so I looked for a seat to sit down on.

To my amazement it seems there are no seats anywhere on the station concourse that have a view of the departure board, except of course those at the nearby food and drink kiosks which are not generally available seating.

There are public benches tucked away behind the information kiosk and one directly under the departure board but none where tired travellers can rest and while waiting for the announcement of the platform number of their train.

In my opinion something needs to be done about this. Why should we stand and wait when we could sit and wait in comfort?

Guess what? when the platform of my train was announced it turned out to be a train at the far end of a platform. Another quarter of a mile walk just to get to the train home….

The train service is actually very good however its the getting to and getting off the trains that needs to be looked at.

If I pay over £30 for a ticket I don’t expect to walk long distances boarding and alighting from the train and I don’t expect to have to stand waiting for the platform number to be announced.

I wonder if anyone else feels the same about this me?

What do you think?

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