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Opinion : Wycombe’s magnificent Abbey Way Flyover is SAVED!

| August 6, 2014


By George there was some good news on Wednesday evening.

I jumped for joy and danced around my drawing room cheering upon hearing the news that Wycombe’s magnificent Abbey Way flyover is to undergo structural strengthening work to give it another 20, yes TWENTY, years of life.

The concrete structure is one of the finest examples of 1960’s brutalist architecture in Wycombe and it would have been a dreadful shame to see it demolished and turned to rubble as some had wanted.

Indeed the Abbey Way flyover is the artery that keeps traffic flowing in Wycombe while providing space for shops and businesses below which give jobs and services to the people of the town meaning the flyover is one of the best uses of land for miles around.

Regular readers will know that ever since it was placed under threat your humble servant campaigned vehemently to save the structure so I shall be treating myself to a celebratory orange juice upon hearing that Wycombe will be blessed with its presence for another two decades.

Let’s be honest, if the flyover had be closed and all the traffic diverted up Suffield Road the town centre would have ground to a halt.

Our beloved Abbey Way flyover was a gift to us by the town planners of the time. I’m sure those who admire brutalist architecture, like my good self, will be pleased at the news of the saving of our flyover. While London has Trellick Tower here in Wycombe we have the magnificent Abbey Way flyover and to compliment it the beautiful Newlands Car Park.

Now the future of the flyover is assured maybe we can look at calling in English Heritage and getting the flyover listed so it can be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

The 1960’s was a decade of pushing the boundaries and confronting challenges which culminated in men being sent to the moon in rocket ships. These days health and safety considerations and the amount of pollution created overrides practicality and forward thinking.

Not only does the flyover serve a useful purpose and look great but it’s one of the moat enjoyable stretches of road to drive over in the town.

There is nothing more exhilarating than driving my trusty motor over the flyover and putting my foot hard to the floor then feeling the massive acceleration and hearing the engine hit the rev limiter as yours truly passes the fire station before changing up into second gear. That’s what makes me feel alive and sets me up for a pleasant evening.

I shall look forward to Monday 18th August 2014 when the engineering works are due to start to strengthen the wonderful structure and give it a new lease of life. Any delays there may be as a result are well worth it indeed as one drives over the structure on my way home every evening I shall wave and cheer on the workmen who will be busy saving our flyover.

What do you think?

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