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Opinion : Wycombe’s roads are a pleasure to drive on

| August 29, 2014


The other day my good self happened to be travelling down the road from Naphill to Bradenham.

A large section of that road has been re-surfaced and the journey was extremely pleasant as my trust motor glided along down the hill on the silky smooth road past Bradenham Manor and the cricket ground.

Turning left towards High Wycombe on to the A4010 it wasn’t long before yours truly had reached The Pedestal and I found myself travelling on the A40, West Wycombe Road which has also been re-surfaced recently.

Looking at the scheduled of planned road re-surfacing works that are published on the news section of this site it seems that Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) have recently spent a lot of time and effort on the roads of Buckinghamshire especially on roads in the South of the County namely in and around High Wycombe.

Go back a few years and the roads in Wycombe were riddled with potholes indeed in some areas the holes were more like craters and driving a car was more like driving a buggy on the surface of the moon having to constantly swerve to avoid the large holes which could potentially spell the end to ones vehicle.

I think we must congratulate TfB for the works they have carried out over the past few months and weeks.

All the major roads in Wycombe are now pot hole free and travelling around is a pleasure. Even the back roads and those in and around the housing estates are much better now indeed finding a large pothole is quite difficult.

Sense has even prevailed and the Abbey Way Flyover has been saved, indeed when I passed over on my way home on Friday evening the works to install the raised safety kerb which will give the structure another 20 years of life were progressing well.

It’s it funny how when the roads were in a poor state of repair everyone was complaining but now they are good very few people are giving the due praise and recognition to those who have got things put right. Anyway I for one would like to give credit where it’s due.

Now the road surface is much better maybe its time the powers that be turned their attention to the lazy drivers who leave vehicles parked by the road rather then putting them in their driveways?

What do you think?

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