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Opinion : Now the EU is regulating the power of vacuum cleaners

| September 1, 2014


In my opinion the 1st January 1973 was a dark day for Britain and everyone who lives here. On that day one of the biggest mistakes ever was made when England joined the European Economic Community.

Ever since we joined what was supposed to be an ‘Economic Community’ based on trade and prosperity has turned into a dictatorial regime that has come in influence our every day lives.

Slowly over the years our country and way of life has slowly changed as the bureaucrats in Brussels have come up with silly rules, mad cap laws and daft policies on what we can and can’t do.

Back on the 1st September 2012 the EU policy masters imposed a ban on the sale of incandescent light bulbs bringing to an end a method of lighting that had been used for more than a Century. Now many peoples homes are gloomy places lit with low energy bulbs that take ages to warm up to full brightness.

This year on the 1st September 2014 another ban came into place. This time high powered vacuum cleaners were the target.

It is now illegal for companies in the EU to make or import vacuum cleaners with a motor above 1,600 watts.

Many shops have reported a rush to purchase the proper high-powered cleaners while stocks still last.

A study ordered by the European Commission has identified up to thirty more types of electrical device which may also become regulated. Included on the list are common devices such as :

  • Toasters
  • Deep fryers
  • Bread makers
  • Rice cookers
  • Food blenders / mixers / processors

Being told how powerful my vacuum cleaner wasn’t what I thought the EEC was all about indeed that topic wasn’t even mentioned in the 1975 referendum on whether or not we should stay in the EEC.

If someone wants a vacuum cleaner with a 2,000 watt motor why on earth can’t they have it? Low powered cleaners will take much longer to do the cleaning and possible use even more electricity.

With no servants to help me these days the task of cleaning the many rooms and corridors in my ancestral home will take me much longer if the vacuum doesn’t have the power to clean at the first attempt besides constantly running the brush over the carpet in the hope it picks the dirt up will only serve to wear out the carpet.

What happens when the power of toasters is restricted? Are we all expected to wait longer for breakfast to be served?

When low energy bulbs were introduced the price of electric went up, we the consumer were not really much better off however the power companies made bigger profits despite needing to produce less electricity.

If everyone has a lower powered hoover some may well use less electric so I wonder if we will see another rise in energy prices to compensate for our reduction in energy consumption.

As for my own vacuum cleaner , well one regrets to say its engine weighs in at a hefty 2,000 watts. It may be banned by the EU but it does a jolly good job of cleaning the historic carpets in my Hall. I’m not going to stop using it because some little man in Brussels says so.

I fear having a high powered vacuum cleaner will soon become a status symbol that only the rich and affluent can afford.

By banning high powered vacuum cleaners the EU has gone too far but sadly it seems there is very little we ordinary people can do.

What do you think?

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