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Opinion : No name, no delivery?

| September 5, 2014


At last the week is over and it’s time to relax.

The weekend started in fine style as I motored over Wycombe’s magnificent Abbey Way flyover. As my trusty motor negotiated a path between the bollards marking out where the workmen are making the structure safe an air of excitement came over me as yours truly started to unwind for the weekend. After all it has been a punishing week at work.

My state of euphoria was shorted lived though. Walking towards the front door of my ancestral home I became aware of a large A4 envelope left sticking out of the letterbox.

From a distance of thirty feet I could tell who the envelope was from. After all there’s only one sender of such letters and I’m not too pleased to receive them.

Naturally one pulled the letter out of the letter box and I was right. On the bottom left corner on the reverse of the envelope was the wording that I have come to dread namely ‘This package contains promotional material from….‘ after which is the name of the company.

Yes, it was yet another letter trying to sell me broadband from a company whose sales team never seem to give up.

How many years have they been sending me these letters?

How many years have I been putting them in the bin?

How many more of these blasted things have I got to destroy?

I just don’t want their services and I am so fed up with tier letters that I don’t even bother to open them now. I simply rip the address out of the envelope, without opening it, and put the address in the shredder and the rest straight into the black bin ready to go for landfill.

The company sending them just puts ‘The householder‘ on the address so they can’t even be bothered to find out my name. It’s blatant mass mailing in the worst form.

My weekend was ruined upon seeing yet another of these letters. The art of sales is a delicate one, indeed my good self has it down to a fine art, but hammering householders with a relentless tide of junk mail, sometimes changing the colour and size of the envelope to try to fool me into thinking its something else, is hardly likely to achieve any sales.

There needs to be a law against the sending of mail to private houses without the name of the occupant on it. Forget the various postal opt-out schemes just bring in a law that says a letter will only be delivered to a private address if there is the name of somebody on the first line of the address.

Junk mail is the scourge of modern society, I for one am fed up with it.

What do you think?

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