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Opinion : Is it time to ban motorcycles?

| September 16, 2014


My good self is a keen follower of development in Wycombe indeed after arriving home from work every evening one of the first things I do is take a look at the news section of this site to see what has happened in Wycombe recently.

Recently there seems to be an awful lot of accidents reported involving motorcycles and sadly all too often the motorcyclist perishes in the accident.

In this modern safety concious society anything that poses the slightest danger to health is being banned or legislated against for example smoking, drinking indeed with the way things are going it won’t be long before even sneezing is banned.

Isn’t it about time motorcycles were banned from the roads too? After all they are an incredibly dangerous form of transport and as mentioned before in a collision with a car the rider of the bike is guaranteed to be the loser.

Driving around the roads of Wycombe I’m not surprised there are so many accidents involving motorbikes. It seems the rider of the bikes can’t wait in the queue of traffic like everyone else and they seem to think it’s acceptable to overtake stationary cars to get to the front of a queue.

For some reason when the motorcyclist gets to the front of the traffic queue they have to incessantly rev up their engines, maybe modern motorbike engines are unable to idle properly and the revving up is necessary to keep the engine running? Or more likely the person on the bike is impatient and can’t wait for the lights to turn green.

Weaving in and out of traffic to overtake, so many riders seem to think that using the roads is some form of race where they have to prove they agility and speed against the car drivers.

Let’s face it the motor bike is a minority form of transport indeed cars far out number motorbikes on the roads of Wycombe so why not go all the way and ban motorbikes from the roads completely?

The spaces in car parks allocated to motorbikes could be converted into much needed parking spaces for car drivers and there would be no need for motorists like myself to keep an eye out in the mirror for the motorcyclist who appears from nowhere in a desperate bid to overtake and be first.

If bikes were banned think how much money the NHS would save not having to treat the dying and injured who get knocked off their bikes by cars?

By their very design motorbikes are dangerous, they are a form of transport that has been superseded in terms of comfort and safety so why not ban them completely in the name of safety?

What do you think?

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