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Opinion : Now let’s have a referrendum on Europe

| September 19, 2014


Yesterday the people of Scotland had the chance to determine their future and in a referendum decided to stay part of the United Kingdom.

Let’s face it I don’t think the outcome was ever in doubt indeed being linked to a might nation such as England has distinct advantages.

The referendum vote was quick, fair and above all gave the people the chance to decide on an important issue rather than being led by the politicians.

If the people of Scotland can have their chance to decide if they want to be part of the UK then I think it’s time that all of us in the UK had the chance to say if we want to be in Europe.

Back in the 1970’s we joined what was supposed to be an European Economic Community however it has turned out to be anything but an Economic Community indeed the European Union (or EU) as it’s now known has even dropped the work ‘Community’ from its name.

In my opinion the EU has done very little for us. However we must give them credit for what little they have done such as making sure the shops sell straight bananas and metrificating our system of measurements. To be honest these things were not really we expected to happen back in the 1970’s when we joined up.

Yes, lets have a vote on Europe, the question could be a simple one such as ‘Should the United Kingdom remain the the European Union, Yes or No?’.

Of course the politicians would probably not like this because firstly we may vote to leave proving them wrong and secondly think of the confloption it would cause as we could then abandon the metric system and go back to proper imperial weights, measurements and currency.

I would rather be in a Union with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland any day than carry on being tied to the countries on the continent.

Our Union with Scotland is an amicable one that the people have just said they want to carry on with. We do not argue with Scotland, the country does not impose upon us and there is no inter country bickering. Sadly in my opinion the same can’t be said for the European Union.

As far as I’m concerned the sooner we can express our opinions on Europe the better. As we have just seen referendums work so let the voices of the people of the UK be heard.

What do you think?

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