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Opinion : Where can you get fish and chips in Wycombe?

| September 23, 2014


Making my way down the High Street at lunchtime today I had not a care in the world.

Waving to the taxi drivers on the rank, saying hello to the market stall holders and bidding the occasional passer by ‘good morning’ your humble servant could not have been happier.

Things changed as I turned into the Parish churchyard. Sadly all the benches were full and there was nowhere to sit and eat my lunch. My only recourse was to trek round to Frogmoor.

Thankfully your humble servant did manage to find a bench in Frogmoor and duly stared tucking into my lunch.

Sitting beside me was a youngster with a takeaway box from one of the nearby restaurants, naturally I use the term ‘restaurant’ loosely as many of them are not the sort of establishment I would associate that word with, however many may disagree with me on that point.

After eating my sandwiches I was still hungry indeed I could just fancy some fish and chips. So my good self started looking around to find an establishment that would provide me with a good old fashioned portion of cod and chips to satisfy my hunger.

Sadly most of the food outlets in Frogmoor seem to specialise in meals based around chicken, burgers or dishes from foreign cultures. The quality of the food being offered could not be that good either judging by the marks on the pavement outside where customers had been ill.

There is just one specialist fish and chip restaurant in Frogmoor and, to the best of my knowledge, the whole of the town centre. Years ago fish and chip shops were prevalent indeed there was literally one on every street corner. Who can forget Smith’s in Bull Lane which served a most tasty portion of fish and chips.

The cuisine of the masses today appears to be catered for by the fast food outlets who are are busy serving burgers once dark falls and the town centre is taken over by the drunken yobbos who maraud through the streets on alcohol fuelled orgies of chaos and terror.

Maybe its time the youngsters of today tried some of the traditional dishes associated with English culture? Who knows maybe fish and chip shops would become common place once again.

Sadly the people of today seem to favour the processed rubbish currently served up in burger buns and quite correctly labelled as junk food.

What do you think?

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